For many years Warwick had been trying to sell one of my 2 villas in Calonge. The market had been very flat and we both had been very patient, as i was not prepared to "sell at any price".Towards the end of last year, the market picked up and we were fortunate enough to find a Belgian couple who particularly liked Villa Roma. From the moment they first inspected the property it took only some 6 days to agree the Heads of Terms. During this period Warwick was available on the phone at all times to ensure that i fully understood how the Spanish system differs from the UK, and it does considerably.The agency fee is much greater than in the UK, but the justification is that a good estate agent will prepare the initial contract, so that it is not essential to employ a solicitor.Furthemore, the taxation system is complicated, and Warwick had excellent knowledge in this respect, so i did not need to employ an accountant.Finally Warwick set up the meeting with the Notary and ensured that i ...

Marta & Javier

La recomiendo 100x100 la agencia Costa Brava Fincas!!! Súper Profesionales atentos en todo.
Warwick el gerente, como todo su equipo, Laura, Alexander, fotógrafo , etc.... No dudaría en volver a confiar en ellos por toda su profesionalidad en todo su trabajo. Muchas Gracias por ponérnoslo tan fácil.

Vera & Winok

In January of this year, in full corona-crisis, we started to look for a house at the Costa Brava. We didn't know the region so well, so we contacted several agencies. Luckely for us also Costa Brava Fincas. We came into contact with Xander, also flemish so that made it easy for us to explain our wishes. He perfectly understood what we were looking for. He camshowed us a few nice houses. Thanks to video-tours we really had a good impression of the houses. Xander was very honest to show all nice things of the houses, but also what needed to be repaired. We could really trust him.In February we found the house we immediately felt in love with. And from then, everything went very quickly and very smoothly. Warwick has very well intervened between the seller of the house and us. He also gave us guarantees in case the house was different by what we have seen in the videotour, as we bought it without seeing it live. But the reality was even better. There were no surprises, Xander and ...

Rob & Sue

Not too certain how we came into contact with Warwick from CBFs but ever so glad we did otherwise, eight months on, we may still be looking for an apartment in S’Agaro.October 2020 we arrived on the Costa Brava full of hope that we’d easily find an apartment to buy. We viewed lots of places through other estate agencies but all were quite unsuitable - and as our stay was coming to an end we thought we’d be going home very disappointed.The day before we were leaving Warwick popped into our lives - and things have been ‘perfecto’ ever since. He found us a great apartment which we viewed just before leaving for the airport. With Laura’s assistance, the whole buying process, which was done from the UK, was a well-oiled machine. CBFs organised everything for us, just wish house buying was as easy in England.Unfortunately Covid delayed the purchase otherwise we’d have been the proud owners way back in February instead of May. In between, Warwick ...

Bernard & Annick

L’agence Fincas de Platja d’Aro est une petite agence, mais très grande par sa compétence. On ne peut que louer les services de Warwick le directeur ainsi que la gentillesse de Laura. Quant à Alexander sa disponibilité et son professionnalisme sont exceptionnels. Il a tout de suite compris nos attentes et nous a fait visiter une quinzaine d’appartements jusqu’à trouver celui qui nous correspondait.
Toute l’équipe nous a accompagné au long des démarches administratives. Bien que la vente est été réalisée il y a deux mois Alexander réponds toujours présent à toutes nos sollicitations pour l’aménagement de notre appartement. Que du bonheur !
Costa Brava Fincas est un gage de qualité et de la meilleure appréhension de vos besoins.
Bernard et Annick.


Agence rencontrée au hasard de notre recherche . Xander notre interlocuteur a su nous proposer et retrouver un bien qui nous intéressait et où la négociation n avait pu aboutir avec une autre agence. Très bonne réactivité, professionnalisme, communication entre les diverses parties. On est ravis de notre achat et del agence à qui on confiera la location
Laura a aussi été très efficace dans le suivi du dossier

Jean François

Bravo à toute l'équipe
Écoute, disponibilité, choix et réactivité sont les moindres qualités de Xander, notre interlocuteur privilégié lors de notre recherche jusqu'à la signature de l'acte en passant par son accompagnement et sa bonne humeur
Nous sommes confiants pour la gestion avec Laura

Paul et Nadine

Nous sommes extrêmement satisfaits du professionnalisme et de la gentillesse de Warwick et d'Alexandre ils se sont occupés de nos préoccupations et des questions que l'on avait toujours avec le sourire. Un grand merci Paul et Nadine

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