Please accept this email as formal thanks for the service provided to us by Costa Brava Fincas. Please also feel free to share this with prospective clients.

We wanted to formally than you for your professionalism, efforts, attention and, most of all, the results we experienced in our dealings with Costa Brava Fincas. I offer a few points to bring this into the light:
• We started with a long list of potential properties with varied characteristics and location. After visiting a few houses, Warwick was able to clearly define the type of house and location that we were looking for (despite our inability to clearly define this). He accurately narrowed our search down to properties we were genuinely interested in saving us considerable time and increasing the efficiency of our search.
• Warwick successfully located the property that we ultimately purchased. This is significant in that, after working with 3 other Real Estate firms and agents, he was the only agent who presented this property to us. Had we not engaged Warwick, we would have purchased a property that was less suited to our desires. His firm worked harder and produced better results than the others we worked with in our property search.
• Warwick introduced us to reputable service providers whose services we have been happy with. He introduced us to a Lawyer, an Architect, a Builder, an Insurance provider, a Satellite TV expert, a Pool expert, an Electrician, an Alarm expert and a Tree Surgeon. We took great comfort in engaging these providers knowing that they had been vetted by Warwick.
• We had difficulties reaching an agreement with the property sellers; there were multiple parties with multiple objectives involved in the deal. Warwick successfully navigated these parties and their objectives and secured an agreement that was truly in our best interest.
• Warwick walked us through the various administrative procedures required pre-purchase, e.g., Tax ID, Bank account, Legal services, and post-purchase, e.g., Local Government, Tax authorities, Utilities (gas, water, electric, telephone, internet), and Insurance. His guidance and assistance was critical in completing all of these necessary procedures.
• Warwick presented us winter and summer property management agreements covering pool maintenance, gardening, cleaning, security, key holding and rental administration. We found his offer to be comprehensive and competitive compared to other offers. We were pleased to select Costa Brava Fincas for the on-going property management given the fairness of their offer and given our past positive experiences with them.
Costa Brava Fincas continues to be our most valuable resource for all property-related matters. We are happy to be their customer and highly recommend them for anyone considering property ownership in Costa Brava.


+34 972 829 880 +34 972 829 880 info@costabravafincas.com info@costabravafincas.com
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